Marty Kenny

Mr. Kenny has spent over 35 years immersed in all aspects of the commercial real estate business as a real estate developer and principal, the owner of property management, commercial brokerage business concerns, construction companies and workout entities. His legal background and early experience as a commercial mortgage lender gives him a unique set of tools to undertake the most sophisticated, complex and challenging projects that are out there. He is hands on, creative and has a unique set of leadership and communication skills that is combined with his ability to foresee future opportunities in ever changing market conditions.  His experience allows him to lead Lexington to capitalize on lucrative opportunities in the real estate arena in both up and down marketplaces.

As Lexington’s owner and principal, Mr. Kenny’s ability to put together lucrative investment partnerships, combined with ample liquidity and excellent financing relationships, has enabled Lexington to accelerate the underwriting process and close on properties in advance of the competition.