Marty Kenny 1956-2023

Mr. Kenny spent over 35 years immersed in all aspects of the commercial real estate business as a real estate developer and principal, the owner of property management, commercial brokerage business concerns, construction companies and workout entities. His legal background and early experience as a commercial mortgage lender gives him a unique set of tools to undertake the most sophisticated, complex and challenging projects. Hands on, creative, with a unique set of leadership and communication skills, combined with his ability to foresee future opportunities in ever changing market conditions, he was truly one of a kind.  His experience allowed him to lead Lexington to capitalize on lucrative opportunities in the real estate arena in both up and down marketplaces.

As Lexington’s late owner and principal, Mr. Kenny’s ability to put together lucrative investment partnerships, combined with ample liquidity and excellent financing relationships, enabled Lexington to accelerate the underwriting process and close on properties in advance of the competition.


Marty’s presence mattered. We celebrate and honor his career that was transformative to multifamily housing and
commercial real estate in Hartford and beyond. Lexington Partners will continue his legacy by completing their
ongoing development projects that Marty believed in passionately.

At his memorial service, Kevin Kenny, his son and Vice President of Lexington Partners, remarked, “he clearly left
impressions on many lives…he was larger than life, one of a kind, a true visionary…the best at his craft. It was his life’s work to actually make Hartford Great Again, and then he put his money where his mouth was. So many people loved and respected him.”

Patrick Kenny, son and Vice President of Lexington Partners, expressed, “My father wanted to know you. He wanted to know what drives you, what you care about…and who you are deep inside. And
he would share these same things about himself. I’m realizing how much people valued that about him.”

Chris Reilly, a long-time friend and President of Lexington Partners, said in an interview with HBJ shortly after his passing, “he was fiercely devoted to his family and friends and one of the biggest cheerleaders of Connecticut, particularly Hartford.  Watching Marty get up every
morning and do his thing when there are so many doubters, and actually build things from nothing or transform an old mill or office building that wasn’t being used well into housing for people is just something very, very special.”

His philanthropic contributions to the community were made without fanfare, but they were many. His personal generosity was known to only a few, the examples of
which are limitless. Marty created connection and community as his way of life. We thank Marty for his leadership, vision and belief in our team and mission. He will be missed mostly as our dear friend.