Lexington Partners, headquartered in Hartford, CT, has been active as a developer, property manager, and general contractor through its three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Lexington Partners, LLC, Lexington Property Management,LLC, Innoconn Construction Management, LLC, and Lexington Commercial, LLC.  Lexington and its affiliates have evolved into a fully integrated, real estate company focused on the development, construction, and management of multifamily residential communities in Connecticut, New England, North Carolina, and Georgia. With their strategic partnership with LAZ Parking and LAZ Investments, they’ve built a depth of knowledge that stems from well over 30 years of property acquisitions, disposal, and operation through multiple real estate economic cycles. Their collective team of experts and partners, with such unique and diverse backgrounds, gives Lexington their competitive edge to opportunistically identify new properties and build long-term value for investors.

Lexington Partners

A Vision for Sighting Opportunities

Development is the cornerstone of Lexington partner success. 30+ years of developing in the multifamily and commercial arenas through multiple up and down economic cycles gave Lexington the opportunity to finetune their core development components; site selection, timing, land-use, design, financing and value generation. Many locations meet them with vast challenges often stemming from developing in high-profile, high-barrier to entry markets. They excel in these conditions because they’ve been there before.  This kind of know-how takes a career, not a textbook to build.  Real estate developers are a rare breed of visionary and Lexington Partners has some of the finest in the business at their helm.

Lexington Property Management

Creating Visionary Communities

Lexington’s in-house property management partner specializes in exceptional property management and best practices based on decades of experience.  Their synchronized approach to building value through enhancing revenue streams, finding economies of scale, and focused cost savings highlight the pillars of Lexington Property Management’s (LPM’s) success.

Construction Management by Innoconn

An Innovative Partnership with Vision

After using many contractors and pricing contracts, Mr. Kenny and Mr. Lazowski came to the conclusion that it would be more fruitful and focused to have a strong construction management company in house.  So, in 2015 Lexington Partners formed InnoConn Construction Management, LLC.  InnoConn is a licensed Major Contractor in the state of Connecticut.  By owning their own contracting company, they could improve on almost every aspect of the commercial construction process, operating more efficiently and simply build better.   

Also, since it’s a wholly independent Contractor, InnoConn is able to partner and build 3rd-party ventures.   We’re ready to partner with you.  Let’s align our commercial construction expertise with your next building opportunity. 


A Vision for Optimal Property Selection

 Lexington’s acquisition strategy revolves around targeting secondary and tertiary markets/submarkets predominantly in the Southeast. All markets that Lexington focuses on have positive population and job growth in close proximity to major thoroughfares. Lexington’s acquisition strategy contemplates asset repositioning, revenue stream creation and expense reduction in each and every deal.

They are able to rely on this strategy trusting that after acquisition, their talented property management team executes their new management strategies flawlessly, as they have proven they can do time and again.

Lexington Commercial

A Vision for Creative Representation in Challenged Markets

A commercial real estate partner like Lexington has unique expertise as a developer, manager, owner and a commercial broker. They maximize value for their clients through this shared perspective on both the owner’s rep and client-side; often in the same transaction.  Their ultimate goal as a commercial partner is to bring together the best combination of positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Lexington Commercial has a proven track record of going the extra mile to analyze property opportunities and finding synergy when matching distinct spaces with just the right client. Joseph (Joe) Beaudoin, their experienced in-house broker, leads Lexington’s commercial team. Licensed in Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida; they are perfectly positioned to leverage their market knowledge, utilize their depth of contacts, and creatively navigate even the most challenging markets.  

Lexington Commercial brings businesses together to broker success.