Multi-family and commercial development, property management, and construction

Lexington Partners | A VISION FOR GROWTH

Lexington Partners, LLC is one of the most active multi-family residential developers in Connecticut. They are a privately-owned, full service real estate development and together with InnoConn Construction Corp, their construction arm, they have over 30 years of experience specializing in the acquisition, adaptive reuse, and new construction developments in both the commercial and residential segments. Lexington Partners, LLC has corporate offices located in downtown Hartford, CT, and properties throughout New England.

Lexington Partners demonstrates their integrity and straight forward business philosophy in their ability to follow through on every aspect of a neighborhood and their dedication to perseverance. Their unwavering commitment to the communities in which they build, is evident through their sustainable building practices, their ability to work with towns and cities in creative ways, and their commitment to lenders and financial partners. Lexington’s hard-earned reputation for taking on complex projects, with daunting physical, financial, environmental and permitting challenges and seeing them through to a successful conclusion, is the keystone of their success.

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